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Beta Data is a consulting firm that delivers high impact customized database solutions and user interface designs for companies with complex legacy systems and poorly designed or out-of-date business processes. With so many organizations merging and constantly shifting roles, many organizations have lost the deep internal knowledge and discover that their internal processes relied upon personal expertise that was never documented. We collaborate with our clients to assist them in discovering these undocumented processes and then executing their business goals and objectives by crafting innovative software tools. Beta Data built its deep track record in the telecom industry by mobilizing the right people and skill to help their client perform their tasks with accuracy and efficiency.

Client Profile
Our client profile is varied; some gross less than $1 million while others we serve have annual revenue of more than $10 billion. Many of our clients reply upon our knowledge of complex government billing systems. All of our clients face the challenging of knowing that new technology could make their processes more efficient in the face of substantial investment in older technology. The old technology contains their mission critical data. Often their internal experts with the requisite knowledge have left or are in isolated silos that cause communication across departments to fail. We are able to effectively integrate these legacy systems with the latest technology to quickly bring game changing improvements to your internal processes. The more complex the data, the more databases you have that need to be accounted for, the greater we are certain that we can deliver a high impact solution to you.

Areas of Expertise
Our firm has delivered solutions for some of the most complex billing issues in the world. We created solutions that dealt not only with the extensive telecommunications products offerings of world leading communications firms but also federal government along with its extensive regulations. Our clients are consistently "Wowed" by our ability to deliver our solutions in a timely cost effective solution.


We use Microsoft tools including Visual Studio & MS SQL

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